My Students

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mycsharpcodelinformationtechlkctclmyschoollWho Are My Students?

Students from all over Kent County are eligible to attend the Kent Career Tech Center (KCTC).  They can select one of 22 different programs available at the center.  I teach computer programming which is a part of the Information Technology (IT) program.  The students in my class travel every day to the KCTC building from many different schools.  Some are even home-schooled. Generally, my students tend to like video games and computers.  Many of them are male. But more and more, we are seeing females become interested in IT.  I have around twenty students in each of my two sessions.

Some of my students will go on to college and select majors in IT.  Some of my students will go straight to work, getting jobs as a help desk technician. Very few of my students will go on to do something entirely different than IT.

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