3 x 3 x 3 Videos

Our assigned text for this class was Why don’t students like school? by Daniel Willingham.  In the book, Willingham uses his research in the biological and cognitive basis of learning to explain how students think and learn.  He describes 9 principles of how the mind works with implications for the classroom.

Each group was assigned two chapters from Willingham’s book to create an instructional video that was required to be 3 minutes long, provide 3 key ideas of the chapter and 3 practical implications for educators and teaching.  Our group was assigned chapter 7 and 8.

Chapter 7 How Should I Adjust My Teaching for Different Types of Learners?

Willingham explains that there isn’t any evidence that matching instruction to a students preferred cognitive style makes learning easier.  And furthermore, students are not able to use a cognitive strength to replace a cognitive weakness.  The processes by which different children think and learn are more similar than different.  Watch our video for an explanation of chapter 7.

The video was created using Camtasia®.  The clips used in the video were obtained through creative commons at Prelinger Archives.  The background music is King Cotton by John Philip Sousa.

Group members were Erin Dennis, Laurie Fernandez, Patrick Greeley and Nicole Mifsud


Chapter 8 How Can I Help Slow Learners?

The important idea from this chapter is that the intelligence a child is born with matters little in terms of their potential.  Intelligence can be changed.  Children differ in what they know, their motivation, their persistence in the face of setbacks, and in their self-image as students. Teachers should praise students for their effort and hard work, not their ability.

The video was created using StoryJumper to create the book and   Screencasitify to make the video .

Group members were Erin Dennis, Laurie Fernandez, Patrick Greeley and Nicole Mifsud